Leave Nothing But Footprints

ethically-produced, organic and long-lasting quality bamboo and cotton garments


With its luxurious drape and softness, there are lots of reasons why viscose from bamboo is the sustainable fibre choice. Lightweight and breathable it is an excellent option for people with eczema and sensitive skin.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and sustainable plants in the world, yielding 10 times more material per acre than conventional cotton. It can grow with very little water and no pesticide use, meaning less chemicals that drain back into our water system.


The viscose from bamboo fibre in Terrera garments is certified organic by OCIA (The Organic Crop Improvement Association). Their mills use a “closed-loop” process, which re-uses the chemicals and byproducts created during manufacturing to prevent any toxic chemicals from being released into the environment.

Clothing that lasts

Terrera knows too well of overstuffed closets and last year’s unworn sale items. That is why they seek to make staples that last for years to come. They purchase their organic fabrics from Oeko-Tex 100 certified suppliers to make sure they do not contain harmful substances. They recognize that any manufacturing and shipping process will impact the environment in some way and though they are not perfect, they continually look for ways to reduce ecological footprint.


Terrera support the slow fashion movement by valuing quality over quantity. They start with choosing the highest quality raw materials, then create beautiful garments thoughtfully and with a purpose.


Terrera strive to reduce ecological footprint by making sustainable choices in their production and manufacturing processes. That means limiting use of packaging, working with fair trade factories.

Thoughtful Design

Terrera is not all one size. We all have unique bodies and that is something to be celebrated.       Terrera design every piece to be versatile for women and men of all shapes and sizes.


Most of Terrera styles feature viscose from bamboo as the main material, however you can also find other fabric such as blends of cotton. 

Organic cotton is an outstanding fabric. Naturally grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, unlike conventional cotton it doesn’t harm the environment or the farmers that produce it. Organic farming methods allow soils to naturally replenish, which protects the health of the soil, the groundwater and the biological cycles. 

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