Finally, a smarter way to organize your stuff

Rule your world. Hands free.

Sash bags are a stylish solution for women on-the-go, who need a way to be organized, hands-free, and prepared for anything… Without having to carry a handbag. 

Perfect for Travel and Daily Use

  • Fits every phone on the market, including the iPhone 6+
  • Keeps items like keys at your fingertips
  • Features a built-in wallet for cards and cash, with RFID protection
  • Includes a discreet, zippered passport pocket
  • Small, stacked pockets to store items like chapstick, lip gloss, mints, gum, hair pins, and more
  • Large zippered pockets for items like pens, checkbook, sunglasses, and more
  • Completely symmetrical, ergonomic design
  • Stays put, won’t move around, and is completely flat on the hip
  • Keep it on while driving, walking, biking, eating, and even using the restroom

It’s amazing for travel.

Sash fits a passport inside ANY of the pockets. Another point is that you don’t have to take it off. You can wear it on the plane, in a cab, on a bike, in a restaurant, when you use a restroom. There’s no risk in losing it or having it stolen when it’s on the body. Plus, it’s slimming enough to fit under a coat, sweater, or wrap to keep it hidden. Sash included RFID protection in the lining of the bag so your information is safe from thieves!  


Why is there no pocket in the middle?

That was actually a very specific and intentional design strategy to make sure the product lies flat against the hip. The goal is to remove bulk by stacking everything up the front and back of the bag, leaving the middle flat.

Sash is unique due to the fact that it’s worn so close to the body. It’s actually quite difficult to get away with crimes of that nature given that most would notice someone trying to get into their zippered pockets right next to them. In addition, the Sash can easily be worn under a jacket or a wrap, going undetected entirely. 

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