Classic Gymnic Plus Balls


Gymnic Brightly colored balls for stretching or balance therapy. Made of heavy-duty molded vinyl, four times thicker than beach balls. Support up to 440 lb. The Classic Plus balls are burst resistant therapy balls specifically designed for high-risk patients or high performance workouts. Even when purposely damaged with knives or scissors, there is no danger of big splits or sudden loss of pressure. Latex free. The difference between our Gymnic Classic balls and our Plus balls in case of puncture. The Gymnic Classic ball bursts, the Gymnic Plus ball deflates slowly.The Burst Resistant System works with maximum 270 lbs/120kg and the ball must not be used with weights while using it. We advise against the use of any kind of weights while using any of our balls because they are conceived for body-weight exercise only. No phthalates.

BURST RESISTANT / Phthalate Free/ Recyclable / Made in Italy

  • 45cm (Yellow)
  • 55cm (Lime, Green, Red)
  • Multi Coloured
  • 65cm (Lime, Green, Blue)
  • Multi Coloured
  • 75cm (Lime, Green, Yellow)
  • Multi Coloured