Made Only From Organic Materials

From design to finished garment, Miik is produced in Canada. Miik custom mill its fabrics from sustainably-sourced fibres. They’re buttery soft, breathable, and feature 4-way stretch—even most tailored blazers move effortlessly with you. No stiff, restrictive, scratchy clothing here!

Fewer clothes that do more

Versatility is at the core of Miik design philosophy. The more ways you can wear a single piece of clothing, the fewer you need (and the more you’ll appreciate what you have). Many of the styles are reversible and all of them can be mixed and matched in many different ways. Even most tailored and formal pieces are just as comfortable as Miik casual loungewear, so you’ll truly love to wear them everywhere. It’s work-to-weekend, desk-to-date-night, truly versatile style.

Clothing that lasts

The longer you’re able to wear your clothes, the longer they stay out of the landfill. How long you’ll wear them all comes down to style and durability.  Miik strives to create timeless styles that you’ll be able to wear for years to come, even as trends come and go. They use rayon from bamboo and MicroModal not only because they’re luxuriously soft fabrics, but because they hold rich colours and resist fading, pilling, shrinking, and losing their shape like fabrics from other natural sources. Combined with the highest quality construction, Miik clothes are built to last.


Rayon from bamboo is luxuriously soft, long-lasting and easy to care for. It looks and wears beautifully and doesn’t fade or lose its shape like other natural-source fibres.


The fibres come from sustainably harvested beech trees which, like bamboo, are self-propagating. It’s lightweight and resists wrinkling, and holds its colour after repeated washing and wearing.


Fibre made from a polymer produced through the fermentation of corn sugars.  Sorona® in a blend with bamboo,  gives the look of wool but with the same softness and stretch as our classic bamboo.

Made in Canada

You can feel good about where your Miik clothing comes from because it’s made in Canada (within 50 km of our downtown Toronto office, actually). Everything is done here, from designing Miik collection, to milling and dying Miik fabric, to cutting and sewing the finished garments.

It’s not always easy keeping it local—fewer and fewer textile and apparel manufacturers remain in Canada as brands turn to cheap overseas labour—but producers think it’s worth it to keep Miik close to home.

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