Listen To Your Feet!

Take your shoes off!

Pay attention! Your feet know better than you do what feels good and what feels good is no shoes. What is the first thing you do when you get home? Most people will respond, ‘take my shoes off’. There is a reason for that (besides keeping your floors clean!!).
Take a look around. How many of your friends and family are suffering and spending time looking for solutions to foot, joint and back pain. It is absolutely epidemic. Mounting user fees, pain killers, orthoses, injections of cortisone, surgeries, television commercials that tell you to discover where the pressure points are in your feet. The bigger question is why you have pressure points in your feet in the first place. Unlikely you were born that way (sorry Lady Gaga). More likely, you evolved to moving poorly by losing the ability to support yourself. Think about it, if your arches are held up artificially all day, what do you think will happen when you take that support away? The more you support yourself, the weaker you become. We have protected, supported and covered up our feet too much. We have lost the ability to function naturally. The result, poor posture, dysfunctional movement patterns and pain.


• Our feet are our foundation.
• Modern footwear acts as a crutch. Additionally, tight socks restrict movement, which creates faulty foot and ankle biomechanics.
• Faulty foot biomechanics have a detrimental effect on our entire skeletal system.
• Our skeletal system is designed to absorb shock.
• If our skeletal system is not functioning properly, the stress can be transferred to our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

All of these facts result in dysfunctional movement patterns. The performance of knees, hips and spine will be compromised. There is one more option to consider – if the way you sit, stand and move is causing you pain, the only solution is to change it. It is not as complicated as you think.

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